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Access vs Safety 2

There’s an access door to the crawl space. That’s fine.

Insurance says there needs to be a bannister on those stairs. Ok, up it goes. But now we can’t open the access door.

The “creative” solution? Pull out your saw and rip a rough diagonal across the door! Nice of them to start their cut from a 1″ hole drilled in the middle too, so you have a way to string your extension cord through and still close the door. I’m sure that’s plenty safe!

Access vs Safety

Obviously there’s nothing important behind that door, and the safety guy says we need a banister on the stairs.

I mean, if you *really* need to get in you can just pop the hinges, pull the door off, and climb over the rail, right?

Double Windows

Well this is certainly a creative way to install two matching windows.

These are just the most obvious window weirdness in the picture. The mishmash of sizes and styles and placement makes me wonder if they had a sale on one-off windows at the window store. I also like that shutter at the upper right, obscuring part of the glass.

Faulty installation

Hmmm. My door won’t close unless I turn the handle.

And the door doesn’t stay closed.

An easy mistake to make (who has installed more than 5 door handles and hasn’t done this at least once?) and easy to fix.

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Faulty hardware installation

The handle should be installed the other way.

Hopefully someone got a good laugh at themselves and reinstalled correctly.

    New stove?

    Maybe the new stove is deeper than the original. Or is it just poor planning?

    Do you get a lower profile knob? Or whack off a chunk of drawer?

    Creative door

    Ok, this one is definitely displaying out-of-the-box creativity. I don’t know if I should laugh or be impressed!

    I’m not sure how well the latching mechanism will work, or whether the door’s structural integrity will stand up to the test of time. But it’s certainly an interesting solution!

    Maybe they should have just planned the layout a little better!

    That’s going to leave a mark!

    Nice shiny cabinets you have there. Fancy shelf too.

    Too bad they don’t get along!

    How many days do you think it’ll be before there’s a big dent in the cabinet? Or a makeshift bumper on that shelf?

    Photo courtesy of Marc R.

    Hey! Who put that column there?

    And why didn’t they tell the cabinet makers?

    Photo courtesy of Marc R.

    That’s one way to fix it…

    How many times have we seen something like this happen?

    Choose your hardware wisely!

    Photo courtesy of Marc R.