RegrettableHomes.com was founded in the dank bunkers of a nameless blistered patch of scrub cedar, dolomite limestone, and imported fire ants. It was a Thursday. Or maybe a Tuesday. We suppose it was dark.

Inspired by the many adventurous and brave examples of building construction which people have practiced against er ah on the surface of our planet, We decided to immortalize the noteworthy, the most truly, utterly, deeply regrettable.

Our posting policy regarding what qualifies a home to enter the regrettable elite is based on a careful blend of whim, bitterness, sarcasm, and whether or not we have anything else to post for the day in question.

We welcome your submissions. All submissions are held to the highest levels of privacy. Any identifying address numbers, license plate numbers, faces or other unique identifiers visible in any picture submitted to us will be masked or pixelated before posting to the web. So feel free to RSVP.

With regrets,
the RegrettableHomes.com management

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