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Shed light isn’t working…

Wife: Why isn’t the outside light on the shed working?

Husband: Dunno. Let me check it out.


Husband: I think I found the problem!

Toilets and Doors

They just don’t get along.

But there’s a solution for that!

Leg room.

Side saddle?

First day on the tile crew

And the last.

Nice straight lines though… at least on THIS side of the door jamb.

And they’ll get GREAT traction!

Just caulk it.

Can’t find the right fittings? Don’t understand the idea of a P-Trap?

No worries! Just string together whatever you can find and stuff enough pookie in there to keep it from leaking and all is well!

Just waiting to happen

Yeah, that certainly looks safe to me.

I’ll just route around it

This big pipe’s in the way. You don’t think there will be a problem, do you?

Reminds me of those old Windows 95 screen savers.

Ground wire

Ok, so they said to run this wire to ground.

And the ground wire should have good contact with earth.

This ought to do the trick!

See, it’s grounded!

Hey Honey, I think we have a problem with the electric.

Ok, so I know my way around electrical. And I’m a hobbyist beekeeper. But really, I don’t think I’d want to mess with this.

How’s your house holding up?

Or rather, what’s holding up your house? Certainly looks sturdy to me!

Want to play House Jenga?

Gotta give them props for creativity.