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New stove?

Maybe the new stove is deeper than the original. Or is it just poor planning?

Do you get a lower profile knob? Or whack off a chunk of drawer?

That’s going to leave a mark!

Nice shiny cabinets you have there. Fancy shelf too.

Too bad they don’t get along!

How many days do you think it’ll be before there’s a big dent in the cabinet? Or a makeshift bumper on that shelf?

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Hey! Who put that column there?

And why didn’t they tell the cabinet makers?

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

That’s one way to fix it…

How many times have we seen something like this happen?

Choose your hardware wisely!

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Tight tolerance

Maybe they chose to put in that fancy oven hood AFTER the cabinets were installed?

Or again, maybe someone didn’t plan very well.

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Maybe the handle should be on the other side?

No, not inside the cabinet, numbskull! On the right side of the door.

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Hinges on the wrong side

Ok, if this was MY kitchen or bathroom, I think I’d want it to open such that the door is against the wall when open, so I have better access to whatever’s inside.

Maybe it’s just me.

Photo courtesy of Marc R.