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Shed light isn’t working…

Wife: Why isn’t the outside light on the shed working?

Husband: Dunno. Let me check it out.


Husband: I think I found the problem!

Just waiting to happen

Yeah, that certainly looks safe to me.

Ground wire

Ok, so they said to run this wire to ground.

And the ground wire should have good contact with earth.

This ought to do the trick!

See, it’s grounded!

Hey Honey, I think we have a problem with the electric.

Ok, so I know my way around electrical. And I’m a hobbyist beekeeper. But really, I don’t think I’d want to mess with this.


Ok, so maybe this one isn’t in a home, but you still have to admit it’s some pretty impressive wiring. If by “impressive” you mean deadly.

It’s one of those restrooms that you probably shouldn’t use no matter HOW badly you need to go – because in this case if you do, you might be GONE!

And here’s a quick lesson in completely overloading a junction box.

Aren’t all those wires supposed to fit IN the box? Ah, I’m sure it’ll be juuust fine!

Snake In A Breaker

Images to give any electrician the willies.

You don’t REALLY want me to fix that, do you?


Notice that this one has more than one snake.

Call a plumber? Or an electrician?


Answer:  Yes, both.  And an insurance agent. And a lawyer while you’re at it.

Awesome Electrical “Improvement”

Wow. On a house for sale.



The guy who took the original video above got a comment on YouTube from the person who actually bought the house. It’s now 7 years later, and the frighteningly scabbed together mess above has been redone properly.