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Toilets and Doors

They just don’t get along.

But there’s a solution for that!

Leg room.

Side saddle?

How’s your house holding up?

Or rather, what’s holding up your house? Certainly looks sturdy to me!

Want to play House Jenga?

Gotta give them props for creativity.

Ugly driveway? Photoshop!

David Weekley Homes advertisement

Once you get beyond ‘location, location, location’, Real Estate is all about street appeal, right? So you want to make those homes in the brochures look their best! Just have the folks over in IT put their photoshop skills to work and get rid of that pesky driveway!

Voila! Perfect house for the healthy, walking family. Everyone just uses the garage as a giant closet anyway, right?

A bit of a bump there. You’ll hardly feel it.

Assuming you’re in a tank.  Heck, I don’t even know if a Humvee could make it into that garage.   I don’t think a Smart Car has a short enough wheelbase to keep from dragging as you hit the crest!


And you didn’t really want those bumpers attached, did you?

But it’ll be great for sledding, right?

Originally found at this site…

Project of the Year – 2013


The correct way: Measure twice, cut once.
The usual way: Measure once, cut two or three times.
This builder: Don’t measure, cut only when you can’t make up for excess length by overlapping or changing the angle, and nail it together (even if you have some screws mixed in with the nails). A tremendous time saver!


Now that’s what I call a quality framing job!

Of course, you can imagine what’s going to happen to all that lumber that’s in direct contact with the ground!

Found on this site… where there are additional regrettable pictures, including the “finished product”.

The door opens… you got a problem with that?




where does it drain when it rains?

It’s is really draining to live here…

(originally found at

“I don’t know… There’s just something about this neighborhood that’s really draining.”


It's is really draining to live here

Dang! We installed the house upside down AGAIN!

(originally found at


Dang, we installed the house upside down again!

Dang, we installed the house upside down again!



We’re big fans of making elements of your house do double duty, but…

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Today we have a highly touted LEED Platinum home for your viewing pleasure.

We at Regrettable Homes have been wondering about the arrangement of the porches on this masterpiece.  Not only do both porch roofs appear to slant toward the house instead of carrying water away from it (ostensibly to avoid having an ugly downspout hanging out in mid air, ruining the aesthetics)  – ok, to be fair there may be a gutter running along the outer edge for all the good it’ll do – but what had us wondering most is the arrangement of BBQ grill directly below three vents of unknown origin just below the left side of the porch roof.

What are those vents actually venting?

If these are dryer vents, or bathroom vents, you could end up with barbecue chicken air freshener in the bathroom, or porterhouse-steak-scented pants;


The burgers and sausages on the grill might taste better if they are lightly scented with the fragrance of Bounce or ClingFree, with a light sprinkling of lint.  Or, well, bathroom exhaust.  (We’re also big fans of recycling, but the grill -> bathroom -> grill cycle might take things a little too far).

HGTV home

Lint flavored BBQ, anyone?

We’ve saved your vision by NOT showing you the scorchingly pink bedroom.  You’ll get a preview of it in image 11 at the above link… if you dare to continue to image 13, don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Remind me to find out who their decorator on that room was so I can avoid ever being in the same state.