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Door fitting

Something about this doesn’t say ‘quality craftsmanship’.


Maybe it’s for otherwise normal sized people who happen to have VERY short legs!

That’s not how you do it.


Nice installation job!

Project of the Year – 2013


The correct way: Measure twice, cut once.
The usual way: Measure once, cut two or three times.
This builder: Don’t measure, cut only when you can’t make up for excess length by overlapping or changing the angle, and nail it together (even if you have some screws mixed in with the nails). A tremendous time saver!


Now that’s what I call a quality framing job!

Of course, you can imagine what’s going to happen to all that lumber that’s in direct contact with the ground!

Found on this site… where there are additional regrettable pictures, including the “finished product”.

The door opens… you got a problem with that?




where does it drain when it rains?

No Stopping The American Dream

(originally found at: There I Fixed It blog.)