How’s your house holding up?

Or rather, what’s holding up your house? Certainly looks sturdy to me!

Want to play House Jenga?

Gotta give them props for creativity.


Ok, so maybe this one isn’t in a home, but you still have to admit it’s some pretty impressive wiring. If by “impressive” you mean deadly.

It’s one of those restrooms that you probably shouldn’t use no matter HOW badly you need to go – because in this case if you do, you might be GONE!

And here’s a quick lesson in completely overloading a junction box.

Aren’t all those wires supposed to fit IN the box? Ah, I’m sure it’ll be juuust fine!

Snake In A Breaker

Images to give any electrician the willies.

You don’t REALLY want me to fix that, do you?


Notice that this one has more than one snake.

Door fitting

Something about this doesn’t say ‘quality craftsmanship’.


Maybe it’s for otherwise normal sized people who happen to have VERY short legs!

Ugly driveway? Photoshop!

David Weekley Homes advertisement

Once you get beyond ‘location, location, location’, Real Estate is all about street appeal, right? So you want to make those homes in the brochures look their best! Just have the folks over in IT put their photoshop skills to work and get rid of that pesky driveway!

Voila! Perfect house for the healthy, walking family. Everyone just uses the garage as a giant closet anyway, right?

Classic story from west Texas

Includes dynamite. Need we say more?

See how many bad decisions you can count.

This is not just regrettable plumbing… this is *really* regrettable plumbing. Well worth the 11 min run time.

Sensitive souls might find the language or subject matter offensive. The rest of us just laugh ’til we pee.

That’s not how you do it.


Nice installation job!

Call a plumber? Or an electrician?


Answer:  Yes, both.  And an insurance agent. And a lawyer while you’re at it.

A bit of a bump there. You’ll hardly feel it.

Assuming you’re in a tank.  Heck, I don’t even know if a Humvee could make it into that garage.   I don’t think a Smart Car has a short enough wheelbase to keep from dragging as you hit the crest!


And you didn’t really want those bumpers attached, did you?

But it’ll be great for sledding, right?

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