Tight tolerance

Maybe they chose to put in that fancy oven hood AFTER the cabinets were installed?

Or again, maybe someone didn’t plan very well.

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Maybe the handle should be on the other side?

No, not inside the cabinet, numbskull! On the right side of the door.

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Hinges on the wrong side

Ok, if this was MY kitchen or bathroom, I think I’d want it to open such that the door is against the wall when open, so I have better access to whatever’s inside.

Maybe it’s just me.

Photo courtesy of Marc R.

Roof lines and slap dash fix

What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, rain falling on the section of roof on the right will come down and hit the siding at the center of the picture (better hope they did a good job of flashing!). And then it runs down and inundates that window. So someone slapped up a little valley of flashing to divert it beyond the window.

First off, this is a design problem. Whoever put this set of plans together didn’t think it through very well, if at all.

Second, it’s an implementation problem. Granted, you can’t fix stupid, but this is at best a temporary fix.

I’m not sure what a better solution would be though…

Barn Door

Just in case you aren’t familiar with barn doors, it is supposed to open by rolling along the track at the top. Problem being that the wall takes a hard turn, and I doubt those wheels pivot. Even if they do it’s going to be awkward to open and close.

How to annoy your OCD neighbor

Door frame is normal, but door is built such that it's about 20 degrees counter clockwise.  (fits the frame correctly)

The Worst “Tiny House” (so far)

Regrettable Home of the Year, 2021

Here’s a look at THE VERY WORST tiny house that I’ve not only seen in person, but had the “thrill” of spending a night in. When I say “thrill” I mean “the place was so shady and poorly build that it was hard to sleep…

From Derek Diedricksen who posted this on his blog http://relaxshacks.blogspot.com/

He continues…

“We literally considered not sleeping in the space- especially when a small storm came through at night and we could see the wind slowly moving the cabin walls back and forth. YES, I talked to the renter/owner afterwards and warned him, ‘You’re gonna kill somebody with this place at some point’.” 

“So ladies and gentlemen, here it is- THE WORST TINY HOUSE I’VE EVER SEEN! “

It is truly frightening. From the roof to the ground (where the roof will likely end up soon if it isn’t already there), there’s not much good you can say about any of it. As Derek points out, the wall art probably has more structural integrity than the wall it’s hanging on!

This one covers more categories of regret than any previous post. It’s just that bad!

Shed light isn’t working…

Wife: Why isn’t the outside light on the shed working?

Husband: Dunno. Let me check it out.


Husband: I think I found the problem!

Toilets and Doors

They just don’t get along.

But there’s a solution for that!

Leg room.

Side saddle?